Consultation for all kinds of cancer, investigation and treatment. Counselling for proper understanding of the disease and its treatment so as to remove unnecessary fear in patient and relatives mind.


All kind of cancer surgeries, minimally invasive cancer surgeries, conservative/ organ preserving cancer surgeries, cosmetic microvascular surgeries for oral cancer, laser surgeries and port insertion for chemotherapy.

Palliative Care

care of terminal cancer patients to reduce suffering and prolongation of life. Special focus on pain management.

Dental- Dental Clinic

Routine Dental Treatment.

  • Digital dental X-ray (RVG).
  • Scaling and teeth whitening (Bleaching).
  • Tooth coloured filling in carious teeth.
  • Root canal treatment - single sitting / multiple sittings.
  • Fixed crown.
  • Fixed crown and bridge (Metal, Ceramic, Zirconia - computer designed).
  • All kinds of dentures - half and full - Flexible dentures.

Special Dental Treatment.

  • Smile designing.
  • Dental treatment for children.
  • Treatment for Wisdom tooth and other oral surgeries like Jaw Fracture.
  • Dental Cyst.
  • Treatment for gum diseases - Pyorrhoea.
  • Bleeding gums.
  • Bad odour.
  • Ortho treatment (Braces) for Malaligned teeth.
  • Fixed teeth by Dental Implants.
  • Pre and post Surgery / Radiotherapy dental care for oral cancer patients.
  • Special dentures after surgery for oral cancer.

Tobacco deaddiction center

  • Diagnosis of side effects of tobacco in oral cavity.
  • Information and counselling of tobacco related side effects in the body.
  • Diagnosis of pre cancerous diseases due to tobacco in oral cavity.
  • Psychotherapy for quieting tobacco.
  • De addiction treatment by medicines.
  • Treatment for restricted mouth opening due to tobacco.